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Bordeaux, 1955

Barton & Guestier, Medoc

Bordeaux, in the south-west of France, needs little introduction to anyone with an interest in wine. One of the world's most prolific wine regions, it also manages to rank among the most famous and prestigious. The secrets of Bordeaux's wine success (other than magical Bordeaux Blend) are its three trump cards: diversity, quality and quantity. The majority of Bordeaux wines are the dry, medium-bodied reds that made the region famous.

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Borges Vintage Port, 1955

Vintage Port ( in neck -unlabelled rewaxed identification from cork)

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Burmester Port , 1955

Colheita Port
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"(2015) Lovely dark caramel colour, with some truffle and tea notes, edges of olive and green fruits (fig). The maturity on the palate is obvious, again with fabulous sweetness and brown sugar richness, Muscovado and walnuts, but the hallmark of the fresh orange and lemon acidity plays against that and the coffee and walnut cake sweetness and richness." Tom Cannavan Winepages.com

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Chateau Climens , 1955

1er Cru Classe Barsac

An outstanding sweet dessert wine which even at almost 65 years tastes young and vibrant, with good acidity and finish.

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Chateau Cos d'Estournel, 1955

St Estephe, 2me Cru Classe - low shoulder

An archetypal elegant, virile wine, Cos d'Estournel reveals a powerful fruitiness and superb body when it is still quite young, and then gradually evolves towards a superb aromatic complexity. A high proportion of Merlot makes the wine rich and supple; its potential to age can exceed a century in great vintages.

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Chateau Lafite Rothschild, 1955

Pauillac 1st Growth Classification

This Chateau Lafite from the very good 1955 vintage is perfect and has delicacy charm subtlety length and perfect balance

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Chateau Margaux, 1955

Margaux 1er Grand Cru Classe (Top Shoulder - faded label- vintage legible)

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Cockburn Port, 1955

Vintage Port

Popped and decanted for three hours. This is a great bottle of old port. The 1955 Cockburn's retains subtle fruitiness along with toffee, smoke, and dark chocolate notes. All of the flavors were melded together and the port was slightly sweet without even a trace of alcohol. Great port!

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Cognac, 1955

T Hine Cognac

Landed 1958 and bottled in 1989

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Croft Port, 1955

Vintage Port Good label VTS

The outstanding 1955 vintage produced this stunning port is firm yet fruity with medium weight and excellent flavour and balance.

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